What Should Be Considered When Buying A Gaming Laptop?

gaming laptop

Many of you might think what are the things that I need to think about buying a gaming laptop. Some of you might think about the battery life, specs and even the design of it. But, those things are only some of important stuff for a gaming laptop. There are more important stuff that also need to be considered, but for me the most important part is the specs. This part is where everything would be depended on how you run the game. Without having a good specs laptop, you are not be able to run your games perfectly and you would face some lags and even stuttering at your games. Buying a good one does not mean we need to spend more on it, there are so many good choices with cheap price, but the performance is well enough. I have some of them with the price is considered to be cheap, but the performance is good enough to run higher games on medium or even high setting. Some of laptops that I found on this website are good example for cheap laptop, but with powerful performance. Now, you only need to choose one with your own needs. To make it easier for you to choose, I make some good list for everything that need you to be considered in order to get good laptop with a powerful performance.

Graphic Card

This is the most important stuff that need you consider first because your game performance will be depended on it. Many of newer games nowadays are needed a high specs GPU for playing it on stable performance, so make sure to choose the best one and don’t ever to choose any laptop with onboard GPU because the performance would be bad. There are types of GPU in our market, the first one is integrated GPU and the second one is discrete GPU. Both of them are having different performance, so be wise when choosing them. Integrated GPU means the graphic itself is integrated with the CPU and they have to share the memory with CPU and that is why the performance is considered to be bad for gaming because they are originally intended for work and multimedia purpose. The second one is discrete graphic card where they are having their own card and also own memory which is called as VRAM that making CPU memory is untouched and leave the performance as it well. Don’t choose any Intel HD graphic chard because its integrated card and I really suggest you to choose any one from AMD or even Nvidia because its discrete card and the performance is better.


Processor is actually not having a significant part on building the good performance, but there are some of games that need called as CPU dependable that really need powerful processor in order to make the performance is stable. One of the examples is GTA 5. The game itself is pretty and is released on 2013, but we cannot say it’s as a lightweight game because the game itself is CPU dependable. I make 2 different with the same graphic card, but with different CPU and it shows that the performance is really different. It really shows me that having a good processor is also important for gaming. We don’t buy a gaming laptop only for gaming, but sometimes we also have to do something besides than gaming. Where you are doing any multi-tasking work, the one which is working hard is the GPU and not GPU. The processor is the one who build the framework and GPU is only the one that keeps the visual for it. So rather than spending of your money on GPU, you also need to think how good the processor is well performed to do some other stuff rather than gaming.


RAM is always the key to make our system performance is better. Like you can see now that most of newer games nowadays need at least 8GB of RAM to make it run and I don’t really suggest you to choose under of 8GB because it would not be safer. For me getting more RAM is better because we don’t really know what is going on later. In the next fewer years, we would see many of game would need 12 GB or even 16 GB of RAM, so choosing the laptop with 16 GB RAM might be a good idea if you have more to spend on this case. But for now, having a 8GB of RAM is already enough to run all of games. Making sure you have to choose it not only based on the quantity, but also the quality. The quality here means as the clock speed of it. Many of them are having different clock speed and that is why you would see many of them are cheaper. It might have the same amount of RAM, but the clock speed would affect the total performance on your system.


This is going to be the place where you are going to save your games. My suggestion here is making 2 different types of location where you could put all of system app and your games separately. Here, I really suggest you to choose one which has a SSD because it would make your system runs better as especially in opening and closing app. For storing your games, you have just need to pick one with at least 1 TB storage and you are ready to go. Always place your games separately from your system because the space will affect the performance and it would be safer if your system is broken and you are not going to lose all of it and it would be tough to reinstall all of them. storage is actually not too important since they are upgradable, but preparing for the worst thing is always better than fixing it later.


That is all of my opinion for some important things that have to be considered on choosing a gaming laptop. All of them are not mandatory to be followed, but at least now you understand for what the things that important for your own laptop. The most important thing that you must to do is choosing based on your needs and not because of the marketing or even your friends suggestion because it is going to be yours and not your friends. At last, hope you will find any good choice for you and please leave any comment if you have something to ask.

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