Few Tips For Making Android Run Faster

Have you feel that your Android is running slower than the time you first bought it? I guess it’s pretty normal especially in smartphone with small RAM and old processor. You really need to know that installing unnecessary things would make your phone runs slower since it takes some resources from the memory. Many people don’t know this case and they keep installing some wasting things and making the memory full. The result is the system is having trouble in running that apps at the same time and the process becoming slower. I prepared some tips that would help you on getting the maximum performance on your smartphone.

Keep Your Apps

Keep your apps means here, you really need to have any app that you feel important for your daily usage. Don’t use or get all of them since it would eat your RAM that much and making the system is slower. Some apps such as Facebook and Instagram are very resourceful apps. You could see on your system that these two apps will eat almost 200 MB of your RAM and it could be more even when you are running it and when the notification is come out. So be wise on keeping them.

Don’t Install Any Booster App

You probably see there are so many apps that advertising the faster performance on your system by installing their app. Don’t use this one because it is only making your phone slower than before. The Android itself is already having function to keep the performance and we don’t need that app since it is only would be waste for resource.

Update your OS

Many companies provide a monthly update for the OS and you have to install it as fast as you can since they bring so many improvements to the system. They make the update with any function and it’s not really waste your system since the update is only few MB to take,

Clean the Home Screen

The last thing that is available is by cleaning the home screen. Don’t put too many shortcut or widget for getting better performance. Using live wallpaper is also not good enough and if you decided to use it, you have to choose the one with not too many effects and you are ready to go. There are more other ways, but these things are probably the most important one.